Echo’s Lament


Echo And Narcissus, John William Waterhouse (1903)

Echo’s Lament

I am not yet ready to live

and yield my love to another


I have not yet explored

the wonders of choice

having none to choose from

other than my unanswered desire


My waning heart cannot see

beyond the beauty by the pond

who will not see me


as I diminish with daylight

you won’t see even less


I will not waste time

embracing another


You are kind and fair

but reflection can never compare


So much the better;

had I caught your eye


Your gaze reflected

upon my echo

repeated back

into your flawless eyes

reflecting into the echo

chambered within my

unrequited heart

would echo my loss

onto your being


reflecting an infinite wound


and I adore you too much

to even risk destroying a world

where you can only find love

at the surface of you


I’d sooner die than crush

even the façade of you and


I’d sooner die than live

without my beloved


I’d sooner die and wither

like crystalized narcissus

in a December evening frost


I’d sooner die in a winter whisper

heard only by the lonely

and I’d sooner die

sooner still


I’d sooner die

and fall

into nothing

but sound


I’d sooner die



** *

Written for Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Narcissus (Vanity/Narcissism), hosted by Susan. I chose to give voice to Echo, the mountain nymph, because of course I did.

Because of course I did.

I did.


10 thoughts on “Echo’s Lament

  1. A reflection is so intangible. There is nothing there to hold. And it is so fleeting. It will be different the next time we look, if only by a bit. But yes, when we do look, the wound is definitely there.

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  2. I love your reflective Echo, and how you use echo as technique. The song is cool, too. There is an echo and a comparison, I’ve noticed since my love passed away, that provides a definite hesitation to explore anything else in depth. It would take something overwhelmingly good to overcome that. But Echo, poor echo, cursed by the Gods! Left to her own, she might have become strong and lively instead!

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