Essential Stargazing

Essential Stargazing

I stare up at rivers of stars

trillions of billions of miles

eons into shadowy pasts

possibly null, lifeless void

or maybe, billowing, countless

lonely souls like you and me

gazing back at us


eternities apart

from one another

unlike you and me

though close by comparison

in action of thought

never quite close enough.

** *

Written for imaginary garden with real toads Flash 55.

11 thoughts on “Essential Stargazing

  1. The stars are a continual source of mystification.. they always put me in my place – a very small carbon life form on an obscure planet far far away.


  2. What’s that song by The Church, “Under the Milky Way” — there’s that sense of icy rapture here, familiarity and distance, the freight and weight of ghostly time, akin, in ways, the lover’s yearning. (“Countless lonely souls like you and me.”) Wasn’t Hephaestus thrown from the heavens by his own mother? Poetry sings that relation back, walking at night under the too-distant stars.


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