Lifted, Chopped, and Screwed Affirmations

Lifted, Chopped, and Screwed Affirmations

I am of hip-hop

Jazz is my mother

Soul is my father


My pulse, reclined

refined bass-line


My bones creak



I feed on funk

to find the funk


I count tempo

with Counts

Duke-out measures

with Dukes


My birthright,

American as

sweet-potato pie.

** *


Written for dVerse’s Quadrille #43, hosted by Grace. I figured I’d give a shout-out to one of my first loves. Also, here’s another cool video on the evolution of hip-hop verses:

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18 thoughts on “Lifted, Chopped, and Screwed Affirmations

  1. Applause for running a tracing finger across the connections here. Loved that episode of Jazz Night in America. (Actually, I love them all. Jazz/Blues are in this poet’s veins.)
    Appreciate your nod to Bassie & Ellington. Great read here, Barry!

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