A Cat


Photo by Antonio Lapa on Unsplash

A Cat

On the first day of spring
a cat came to me.
Her collared tag sparkled,
reflecting glints of sunlight
from her bejeweled collar.
Regal, majestic, passive poise
was her manner of movement
and sitting stillness
– if a cat’s movement and
stillness could be considered
in such human grandiosities.
She received me just as
Grandmaster Yip Man decreed
when teaching novices
basic grappling techniques
– “Greet what arrives,
escort what leaves,
and rush upon loss of contact.”
A Wing Chun master feline,
ruler of our centerline,
razor claws, carefully
retracted while restricting
movement and momentum,
intimate dominance, fleeting
for before I made sense
of my senses, she fled.
Why she came I cannot say
– she wasn’t hungry, and
she only knew me in
the manner that all cats of
certain domestication
know their fellow humans –
and yet she came right to me
leaning into my space,
mewing a few kind words
I could only guess at
since I don’t speak cat.
Of course I mewed right back
unclear on the syntax
but knowing that only
lonely souls lean out to find
random comfort across
diverging species.

Shared at dVerse Poetics: Soul gazing , hosted by Paul Scribbles. Poets have contributed to this prompt here.


32 thoughts on “A Cat

  1. SMiLes.. For A Feral
    Cat WiLL Teach
    A Human A
    GRace wHo FueLS
    FearLess KiNdLinG LoVE’s
    Out of Grace
    thaT iS No Gift Alone but
    HuRRiCaNE CaLM eYe
    A L L o N E
    Fur of WinD
    SonG iN
    BaLanCinG LiGHT SoUL
    NeVeR EnDinG NoW BeGiNNinG..:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can believe in that connection between lonely souls ~ Love this lesson from the wise cat:

    Greet what arrives,
    escort what leaves,
    and rush upon loss of contact.”


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