Mid-Fall Brunch

Mid-Fall Brunch

October breeze brings arctic bite to air
Leaves leave their moorings upon knotted crust
Shadows stretch further north with greater depth

Autumn sound-tracks in jazz with folksy depth
I steep our tea; honey-kissed, clears the air
She preps the pastry; flaky, buttered crust

Her hand brushes mine, piercing well-worn crust
We speak-easily; a bottomless depth
She smiles, I forfeit breath, gulping our air

We fall for our mid-fall, air, crust, and depth.

Written for imaginary garden with real toads Fussy Little Forms: Tritina, Imagined By Marian. This is a tricky little form, but it was also fun. I may try a few more like this.

27 thoughts on “Mid-Fall Brunch

  1. Thank you ali! Sadly, you didn’t include a link for me to read your work. If you’d like to link one, I’d love to visit you. 🙂


    • Oh, my visit was purely for pleasure. You do not have to reciprocate. But if you’d like to flip-flop around in my little world, you’re welcome to.


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  2. This is so wonderful, so fine. I admire that you used the word crust as a repeating word, what!?! Impressive. This poem feels like a chill Sunday morning in October. So here I am sitting in mine, enjoying Vince Guaraldi and my coffee and your poem. Just great!

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