Nocturnal Remission


Photo by Jay on Unsplash

Nocturnal Remission

Once upon a frosted moon
I gathered diamond dust in June
Nonsense or hogwash, dare you say?
Perhaps you’re right; it was in May

With snowdrifts icing late spring blooms
I laced my skates and headed north
Her hand outstretched from feathered plumes
My butterflies flittered for warmth

This bird migrated in three-fourths
I lagged behind her melody
Her song was lilting, light, on-key
We danced our dream with fragile force

Her sea-salt kiss reigns tearfully
Melting capricious symphony
My snowbird left this lonely loon
In sentiment and fantasy

That once upon a frosted moon
I gathered diamond dust in June

Written for dVerse  Stock Phrases, posted by lillian in Poetics.

I enjoyed this prompt… but look, I get it… I know there’s not much to hold onto in this poem (or perhaps too much, depending on your perspective), so pardon my whimsy.

“Once upon a…” prompts get me in a bit of a whimsical mood. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Nocturnal Remission

  1. takes me on a journey into a world and space of magic and hope, love the assembly of words, especially “we danced our dream with a fragile force”, the words wood sprites breathe as baby’s breath beautiful.

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  2. Well….whimsical or not, it works for me! Love the coming round to the beginning in the end.
    I read this a second time, aloud. Sounds are wonderful as in “Melting capricious symphony” and
    “Her song was lilting, light, on-key.” And those lines sound musical even as they refer to music.
    I enjoyed your take on the prompt very much.

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