Water-colored Soup


Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

Water-colored Soup

I daydream of living in watercolors with you
a soft, aqua-grey rainy still-life, content to be
captured eternally in textured contemplation
our pigments suspended, yet still blending earnestly
momentum of our joy arrested on papyrus

I would sketch us blue, sharing a bright red umbrella
two among coal-smeared masses bleeding grey clouds and rain
worlds inverted by reflective puddled apertures
all scurrying, seeking warm, dry shelter, captured here
an imperfect moment perfectly rendered in frame

I want to live inside a watercolor painting
presently framed, racing time flowing free, left-to-right
where we know where we’re going while free to be right here
an unending twilight of fullness, steeled for supper
not pictured; two steaming bowls of chicken-n-rice soup

Prior to this WordPress post, this poem was shared on my Medium profile as Water-colored Soup


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