On Interracial Marriage


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On Interracial Marriage

I don’t believe in it
it’s an obvious lie

not whether or not
it should exist, mind you
but its alleged existence
in an existential sense

there is no such thing
as interracial marriage
there is only the union
of those vowing to unite

for life is far longer
than most would know,
far shorter than we think

and it is ripe with vile horrors,
disappointments and cruelties,
and capricious random chaos, and so

if while navigating our bedlam
providence smiles upon you
as you brave muck and misery alone,

and you’re lucky enough to find
someone whom you vibe with
who leads with kindness, loves with
gentleness, rewards loyalty in-kind,

and makes you want to rise
to face the winds of fate
with a defiant smile on your face

then what in multicultural hell
does it matter of their lineage, creed,
sexual preference,
or the color of their skin?


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Originally posted on Medium.

Of course, I couldn’t pick just one rendition…

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12 thoughts on “On Interracial Marriage

  1. Our happiness and satisfaction in life is interwoven with the those we love. The language and care with which you’ve crafted this eloquent tribute is a testament to the magnitude of your bond.

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  2. Since I think races is something only created for those who want to define differences I don’t think that there is no such thing as interracial relationships… just love between man and woman (or man and man for that matter)… so happy for the two of you.


  3. “and makes you want to rise
    to face the winds of fate
    with a defiant smile on your face

    then what in multicultural hell
    does it matter of their lineage, creed,
    or the color of their skin?”

    LOVE this post…and these two stanzas in particular. When one is fortunate and blessed to find unconditional love with another, one is truly blessed. I would apply this to gender as well.


  4. I don’t want to sound cliche, but, “all you need is love, love, love is all you need.” If you find that connection with another, you are blessed. As evidenced by your photo, you are blessed <3<3


  5. Love this. I agree with what you are saying. The pure simple love between a man and a woman. Love and marriage. I am married to a good Christian man who is Polish. We have been happily married for years. The LORD led us together first because of the common faith and the love for GOD. We both feel here is no such thing as “race”, that is a term to me that seems to divide people. Separation and no unity with us humans. Not good. There really is no need to divide people when we pray to the one and only true living GOD. We may come from different tribes…..not race. Only one race, human.

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    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment. and also thank you for reminding me to edit my poem to include “sexual preference”. I have many friends in the LGBTQIA+ community, and I was aiming for total acceptance. Somehow I missed the dunk a bit. 🙂

      • You are welcome. But I hope it was not something I said to give you the impression that I was in a same sex relationship. It is a totally Christian relationship. See, when people in this area where I live see a couple that is not the same color, it is perceived as a fetish. When we say we are legally married it seems like they are in shock! lol! Have a blessed day! Peace!


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