Our Temporal Parallax in Indigo


Photo by Jachan DeVol on Unsplash

Our Temporal Parallax in Indigo

I fantasize about us meeting then
In a fantastic azure-tinted dream
Much younger and separated by when
Brokenness united us seam by seam
We’d fill each other’s empty cups upstream
Before believing lies that lay ahead
Would we have been what we needed instead?
Fate’s retort; refracted blue parallax
Long before our lines of fate had been thread
Laughing, spinning, spooling, mending blue cracks

Written for dVerse Poetry Form: Dizain, guest-hosted by Rosemary Nissen- Wade. Other poets contributed to this prompt here.


4 thoughts on “Our Temporal Parallax in Indigo

  1. Looking back to the times before struggle and strife, before the apathy and betrayal — It can be frustrating and painful to feel the loss. But to have even had the “good times” to look back at, at all, for some would be a dream. At 72, I now warmly embrace the beautiful passionate memories, with genuine gratitude… and look back at the difficult, challenging times as proof that the good times were real. I liked this Barry, it rang of honest emotion.

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