Holy Shit! Hey Guys! HEY GUYS!!


Currently displayed on Tygpress.com. You guys did it!

Well damn! You guys actually did it! I’m impressed. I was going to take my ball and go home, but you folks with your outrage went at this entity with your cease-and-desist and your pitchforks, and they didn’t want any of that smoke!

I know most of you were just as pissed-off as I was, and I’m grateful that you acted on your own senses of justice instead of turtleing like I planed. I am the undeserved benefactor of your righteous actions, and I thank you all. This little guy is grateful that you collection of little guys didn’t take this lying down.

I honestly hope that this the last time I find myself writing about blog harvesting, but I suspect it won’t be. We’ll cross that bridge when it comes, but for now, let’s get back to our scheduled programming.

5 thoughts on “Holy Shit! Hey Guys! HEY GUYS!!

  1. I heard they shut it down a bit ago. Fandango at This, That, and the Other, got things rolling with the banner for people to use and a bunch that I knew were writing letters of complaint. I saw my stuff there originally, but when I went back to get a link to it to include in my complaint my posts had been taken down. Yes it worked, YAY! The Public Enemy youtube is 30 years old already! How time flies….


  2. Yay!! I’m glad you say that we shut Tygpress down. Now we know what to do for next time ‘cuz I think you’re right, that this type of stuff happens but we will be ready!! I’m so glad you’re staying!! Now get on with that writing – prompts are waiting and my mind and heart and waiting on your wonderful words…❤️


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