Missing, Presumed Lost


By SpaceX – Falcon Heavy Demo Mission, CC0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=66235869

Missing, Presumed Lost

Floating behind me,
a sea of blue, an immense sphere
comprising all that I know,
adore and despise,
breathe and asphyxiate,
drink and drown.

Ahead, you glisten, in quiet peril
reflecting light, juxtaposed in endless black,
after reporting a problem, drifting away,
brave smile in your voice
at this growing distance.

“You’re too late,” you said,
while still in range,
the warmth in your voice
transcending the void,
inexplicably soothing
my chilly fingers
and frosty extremities.

“Oh shit,” I said,
profanely breaking protocol
as the aspect of you
slowly shrank to a point of light.

“I’m sorry,” I offered to the magnets
within the transmitter mic,
a vain effort to overrule
our physical plane.

“It’s ok,” you said tenderly,
reassuring neither of us,
us both ignoring the
depleting oxygen alarms.

“I’m on to my next waypoint.
We’ll have to rendezvous
at the next target window,”
you declare as if our time were not
fleeting, finite,
our fates fixed.

You disappeared beyond the thin blue line,
leaving me to contend with the enormity
of the pale blue light and
an hour of radio silence,
floating above our northern hemisphere,
tilting away, towards winter.

“You free?” your voice vibrated
into my anxious receiver
after a maddeningly long silence
as your glimmer emerged
from the far-side,
rising to rival Venus-glow
and moondust.

“Yes,” I replied quickly,
maneuvering towards a
rendezvous altitude.
“I’m listening. I’m here.”

Then everything went null,
no heat, no cold,
not even light or shadow or grey,
leaving us clasping onto nothing.

Shared at Poetry Pantry #496

11 thoughts on “Missing, Presumed Lost

  1. Barry, what a remarkable and amazing poem. For me, it carries an existential message. SO wonderfully written and so lovely to read you today.


  2. “You’re too late” you said while still in range…I love the contradictions in this poem, it makes it so much more poignant. The connection is missed even when they are there. So many layers in this one!


  3. ground control to major dawson
    ground control to major dawson
    return to earth
    return to earth

    there’s a serious shortage of poets on said planet
    can’t have them flitting around in space ships
    when they could be sunbathing on a sandy beach
    sipping mango daiquiris
    conjuring up a new msaterpiece

    hear that rustling behind you
    that’s me in the palm tree
    thought i’d surprise you:)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “leaving me to contend with the enormity
    of the pale blue light and
    an hour of radio silence,”…

    Oh the emotions that one hour must hold…


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