First and Last Wake-Up Call


Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

First and Last Wake-Up Call

Lip cracked,

Stench of
menthol-infused fists
kisses mouth;

sentient ashtray punch-out.

crimson disgust;

skin rising,
purpling dough,
enough to draw sympathy;

not enough for state-intervention.

Manly punishment for talking back.
Lead-knuckled wake-up-call
to first adult decision,

aged sixteen.

Time to go.

Shared at dVerse Quadrille #92: Take a crack at poeming, hosted by whimsygizmo. Other poets contributed here.

Also shared at Real Toads  November: Nothing is more memorable than scent, Imagined By Sanaa Rizvi.

25 thoughts on “First and Last Wake-Up Call

    • Thanks Frank.

      “Potholes” doesn’t directly go with my poems theme, as the song is about plagiarism and how other artists jacking their style pisses them off (abstract hip hop is the best hip hop).

      This song is relevant to me — and this moment — because it was heavy in my music rotation back in 1989 when I was 16.

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      • When I worked with juvenile delinquents and their families it was called “old school” discipline. Sadly many of the other P.O.s (and police involved with the calls) believed in old school. It’s a terrible message to give kids, when they tell the officer at the scene what happened and get treated like they deserved it.

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  1. Sadly a troubled childhood and youth make the young adult very wary of the world and trusting few others. Letrs hope tthose affected search for something better and not use their experience to be the same as their parents.

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  2. This is so heart-wrenching 😦 I resonate with “skin rising, purpling dough, enough to draw sympathy,” that is the scent of pain and endurance right there. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt.

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  3. With words, powerful words, you bring us to the brink of pure disgust. No child deserves mistreatment. Leading our local news this morning: Couple Sentenced to Life in Prison for Starving Their Four Year Old Daughter. Thank you for being brave and strong.

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