When lamenting death, life, and suffering…


Deathpoem by Shinsui – 1769

Sevenling (she’s all soul)

she’s all soul, sound, and sea churn,
a transcendent conscience reborn,
a graceful slowing of tempo

new world fire leaves old world ashes
her rubied mouth spills leitmotifs of
letdowns, loneliness, languishing pulse.

Can she hear my voice added to her song?

Inspired by Ron’s recent take on the Sevenling form.


4 thoughts on “When lamenting death, life, and suffering…

  1. That’s how it’s done, alright. Outstanding sevenling indeed. Thanks for the call out!
    I’ve posted a number of them, over time, on my blog.

    Here’s a couple of my faves:

    Sevenling (I have worn)

    I have worn three-piece suits,
    worn-out jeans and
    nothing at all.

    Everywhere I look I see
    myself, my old self, and
    someone I never was.

    It’s like a fun-house mirror.

    Sevenling (if we’re lucky)

    if we’re lucky we open our eyes,
    see what can be seen,
    know what’s to be known

    everything appears and reappears
    and disappears and reappears
    and reappears again, at last

    all you need is love

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