greeting card


Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

greeting card

“thinking of you”
written neatly, carefully
in black ink followed by ellipsis…

enclosed in insert
on sensible stock
of reasonable price

the card cover
gilded, framed, centered

a woman in repose
lounging in secret garden
drunk from moon beams
arm draped dramatically
over forehead,

informing of intimacy
concealed within her fold
open to my eyes

arriving, postmarked for
a random Tuesday, observing
of no one’s birthday

nor season’s greetings
not even candied-red hearts
with “be mine” carved
in sugar and bone meal

only an internal reveal
on a random day
after a weekend filled
with intimate truths

homemade mac-n-cheese
unremarkable, but meticulously
made to impress her

and gentle breath
on porcelain skin

contrasting in moonlight
with the rise and fall
of my mahogany drawn taut

gripping the night with her
with vigorous release

our spiritual surface long pierced,
our raw matter, now entwined
arriving at urgent merge

followed by teardrops

falling, pouring, mingling with grins
our brim overflowing with
graceless embraces

knowing how long we waited
pleading with fated winds

to stir currents leading
to this moment no longer obscured
by shadow of what should be

for one fleeting cherry bloom
we breathed our flesh into dream

birthing a brief reality
every bit as pure as gold
our priceless loot

the gilded frame, folded paper
and measured ink of sensible fee,

a remnant of a time
when we unfolded ourselves
opening to new gilded treasures

remembered, commemorated by her
in a postage-stamped envelope
addressed to this lonely man, piercing
my blue veneer yet again, knowing,

intuitively, without a doubt
I was thinking of her too…

4 thoughts on “greeting card

  1. My favorite section in a really good poem:
    “falling, pouring, mingling with grins
    our brim overflowing with
    graceless embraces”
    I hope this isn’t fictional. Everyone needs what’s in your poem from time to time.

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    • Thank you for the compliment!

      This is inspired by actual events from nearly two decades ago. Near the end of my 1st marriage, I met her (let’s call her K) in an online chatroom and sparked a long-distance emotional affair. (Yes, I know, unwise, but I was lonely and rudderless.)

      Our virtual relationship spanned four years and all four of my real-life relationships, ending before I married Erin.

      Whenever I tried to take the next step and meet K, she was getting serious with a local, and vice-versa.

      Our timing was just off, except for 2-4 wonderful weekends after I had broke up with my third serious relationship and she was single too. I had no license at the time, so she drove to meet me, and it was a wonderful experience. Just two lonely people trying to figure stuff out, looking for tenderness and compassion.

      She sent me the card after one of those weekends. I can’t find it now. 😦

      Last time I spoke with her, she was happily engaged. She told me she looks back on our time and it always brings a smile to her face. I hope she’s still doing well.

      Thank you again, and I agree… we all need that… 🙂

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  2. I think as a rule we are given to underestimating the effect we have on those whose lives we touch, even briefly. Thank you for sharing this instance of clarity, you rendered it beautifully here.


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