Orphaned Chick Requiem

Photo by Udayan Patil on Unsplash

Orphaned Chick Requiem

Who will sooth her nerves, earning fleeting trust,
as ruffled feathers make for flavor-spoil?

Who will preen her feathers through broken wings,
mending her tender meat before the broil?

Who will have steady, firm, gentle, calm hands
that know their way around a butcher’s block?

Who will feed her rich seeds sowed in kindness
hiding his axe as it strikes without shock?

Who will weep for the guileless young birdie,
who, through no fault of her own grew alone?

Who now wanders our woods, an unmoored ghost
haunted by a love she has never known?

Who will weep for this girl, led far astray
who strays from divine feminine to prey?

Consider this my NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo tune-up.

3 thoughts on “Orphaned Chick Requiem

  1. Barry, bless your heart for “weeping for the girl.” Too many orphaned chicks and those who would prey upon them. Too many Keishas and not enough tears in the world to make things right. Until “institutions” start to take it seriously and I’m doubtful that will ever happen.

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  2. Again, you are so good at this. Keep writing forever.
    “wanders our woods, an unmoored ghost
    haunted by a love she has never known” … beautiful


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