Image by Wilhan José Gomes wjgomes from Pixabay 


It is a
terrible gestating  

a low, relentless
rumbling thunder
in the distance

deep within
the abysmal well
of its own gravity

roiling and boiling
over upon itself

causing tremors

suppressed with
a trembling will
peeling steel plating
from iron bones

it tears itself
from diaphragm

all lung
phalanx and phlegm

behold as trembles
once secured by

now transmuted  

shattering bedrock
to find fault in
fault lines

as timid heads flinch
and even the bold
cower in confusion

oh yes
that heaven-piercing howl
is my voice

it is mine

your inherited rights
those monolithic
brittle sensibilities
are yours

for now

steady yourself
or don’t

you and I are
well past decorum.

Sorry I’ve been away for so long, but the world is burning, and video games have been a mighty fine distraction from it all.

Self-care? Self-care.

My current game of choice has obviously been the Final Fantasy 7: Remake on PS4. I’ve already beaten the game, but hey, why not go for 100% completion?

I think I’m ready to face the world again. Thanks for your patience.

Bonus video, because I couldn’t settle on just one…

4 thoughts on “Released

    • Thank you. I rarely cut loose. Erin hates it when I raise my voice. I’m normally extremely soft-spoken, so not only is it a temporal shock to hear me uncork on someone, but I’m told that the power behind my raised voice feels like a weapon.


      • That last part is white supremacy talking. Your voice is as powerful as you need it to be to make your point. So it can be a weapon – if you want it to be (key word is YOU) – or it can be a shining light, a beacon or spotlight, as you see it. It can be a shock to hear your raised voice if you are usually soft spoken, however, I don’t think it’s something to be afraid of. From your writing, I can tell you use your words in a masterful way – don’t let tone policing keep you from raising your voice as loud as you need it to. ❤️


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