Enemy of Delusion

Boondocks Spring

Image source: GoComics

Enemy of Delusion

Small talk is a dishonest

and barely varnished lie

I walk in and demolish

the scarcely garnished try


and then I’m the bad guy

defend my unclad

psychotic truth,

my ironic pursuit

of uncouth certainties


but you’re hurting me

by not paying fair

and laying bare

when we both see



and then you say

you don’t see our color

with respect to political cover,


correctness when I reflect

on your blindness

I’d rather you select


** *

Written for imaginary garden with real toads FASHION ME YOUR WORDS TO FOLD ~ Ergo, imagined By Gillena Cox . We were challenged to write based on our discovery of ourselves in a Peanuts comic, or a comic strip of our choice. Obviously, I chose the young black revolutionary, Huey Freeman, because of couse I did. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Enemy of Delusion

    • I ask myself this quite a bit. I guess both parties have to listen to try to understand instead of just listening for their turn to talk again. Thanks for reading.


  1. Truth is such a pain in the ass sword to have to carry about. We cut ourselves as much as the world getting to what counts. What freedom there is in slashing with abandon, what difficulty in restraint of pen and tongue! And with a sword so heavy with irony … Well. I look forward to reading how the craft of this evolves. Forge and hammer the words well!

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  2. Interesting how both truth and lie must be couched in terms. I find the pessimism of the protagonist in the cartoon very cute, better to see the dark side than hope. Right?

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  3. man, Barry, i just had that convo of realism v pessimism – and where hope fits, too.

    the voice you present in this is vivid, strong – direct and unflinching. ~


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