Day 7: Of Nothing and Everything


Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Of Nothing and Everything

We are born with no expectations
needs are another matter
connections are made and broken
attachment chains us to fallacy
nostalgia affixes our affections
regret is an illusory gift

I knew you had another
saw you kiss him, looked away
saw through your lazy lies
embraced an empty peach pit
knowing that I deserved it
and perhaps, even less

Told you I’d walk my “friend” home
you saw us flirting, looked away
ignored my brittle excuse
you waited in our empty bed
as I fumbled her darkness for light
leveraging for fullness

Briefly escaping her fiancé’s warmth
she incinerated herself upon a stranger
telling herself it doesn’t count
thighs crush demands for clarity
trading vows on embers of virtue
fading blissfully into warm sunset

No one deserves anything
ready yourself to release infinity
embrace, learn our broken landscape
most hymns sung are incomplete
from revival to wake; no joy without sorrow
we own nothing, for we are everything

Written for NaPoWriMo’s day 7 prompt: write a poem of gifts and joy. At first glance, my poem may appear to be a subversion of the prompt, but that wasn’t my intent.

2 thoughts on “Day 7: Of Nothing and Everything

  1. “we own nothing, for we are everything” may be true, and looked at from such a perspective can be liberating. what gets confusing — at least to me — is that there is an irresolvable dichotomy in each of us, as each is born both of earth and heaven (spirit). from the spirit’s perspective I don’t think there would be any resistance to anything you’ve said. from an earthly perspective, we need limits and boundaries to ground us, or, as Jung said, we would just float away.

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  2. The ending stanza is a revelation and insight Barry. There is sadness but also moving forward:

    embrace, learn our broken landscape
    most hymns sung are incomplete


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