Day 11: Ordinary Origin


Photo by Manyu Varma on Unsplash

Ordinary Origin

Want seduced Ignorance,
creating a singular silence,
a deafening heartbeat
that grew stronger,
becoming aware
of the barrier between
internal and external.

from the external
yielded wondrous
observational treasures
greedily gobbled up
in cold, detached manner
until external forces
compelled the barrier
to break,
forcing the two entities
separated by
winter moonbeams
to mingle in
direct sunlight.

This new existence,
as frightening as it was fantastic,
compelled the once cocooned
to battle instinctive nature
to hide and protect
perceived vulnerabilities
while simultaneously
striving, straining to
compile and catalogue
countless new
external wonders
rapidly and thoroughly
as if time itself
were the enemy.

His mother
named him
after his father.

A perfectly ordinary name
for such an imperfect
ordinary birth.

Written for NaPoWriMo’s day 11 prompt: write a poem of origin (not just location, but emotionally, spiritually). I think this covers the essentials. I thought about going big and bombastic, but I felt that keeping it simple would be the more complete approach.

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