Bed Unmade

Bed Unmade

“But I couldn’t control my restlessness, an eagerness for violation was growing in me, I wanted to break the rules, as the entire world seemed to be breaking the rules.”

– Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay, a novel by Elena Ferrante

We should forget.
It’s better this way.

I won’t divine
entangled spirits
from rat-nested bedsheets,
shades unfurled,
eclipsing shame.

We have fun.
Yeah we did.

No love misplaced,
like spilled spirits
and tongues.

Yet I return,
haunted spirit,
to the mistake
we never made.

Inspired by Real Toads Words To Live By, hosted for the final time by Rommy. We were asked to reflect on a word or quote that means something special to us.

Ironically, as someone who loves words, I drew a blank here. Ultimately, I settled on a quote from a book I’m currently reading (Book three of a four-book series by Elena Ferrante, collectively titled Neapolitan Novels.)

Also shared at dVerse Quadrille #93: Spirited Poems, hosted by whimsygizmo. Other poets contributed to this prompt here

18 thoughts on “Bed Unmade

  1. Having been born on the tail end of the wait till your married generation, I can only say I am glad to have broken all the rules, when I was young and that eagerness for violation burned like a branding iron. Now that the embers merely glow, I find myself perfectly willing to sit beside the fire, and had I waited? Or only indulged when the bans were in place? I’d have missed out on the best times of my life… I loved this one, Barry… In case you couldn’t tell..

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  2. Nothing dims the free-wheeling aspect of a casual fling like the fear you might be catching feelings despite your best efforts. I love the nuanced picture you presented in this poem.


    • You nailed that unspoken facet. That is certainly a raw, unwelcome feeling when it’s unexpected, I imagine. (As if I only had to imagine… lol) Thank you for reading between the lines a bit. 😉


  3. I was a by the rules gal… until I wasn’t and still not a wild child – but I don’t regret very much of my life except maybe the things I didn’t do or didn’t say. Love your way with words and the images they show


  4. “to the mistake/ we never made.” I like the question this raises. If it’s a regret that a particular action wasn’t taken, or that the action that was taken was not a mistake. I find I regret more the things I didn’t do then the things I did.


  5. the question we ask ourselves a million times without any real answer: “why didn’t i?” It suggests fate or a pre-ordained path, at least for me, because so many times I should have!


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