Not Like That, But Deeper Still


Pharos ~ The Lighthouse
Kerry O’Connor

Not Like That, But Deeper Still

Your soul pierced the black,
guiding me to your shore;

to you, unmasked,
regardless of
jovial exterior;

your amiable patina,
outshined by
your inner light;

moonbeams divine
whitecap from ocean,
revealing your pain;

inside, you’re lonely like me;
we resonate without words;

wings spread,
I flew to you.

Love-at-first sight? Superficial,
unlike your beckoning lighthouse.


Pacifico ~ The Pacific Ocean Kerry O’Connor @skyloverpoetry

Inspired by Real Toads Art FLASH! / 55 in December, hosted by Kerry O’Connor.

Also shared at Poets United Pantry of Poetry and Prose #7.

35 thoughts on “Not Like That, But Deeper Still

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      • Thanks, I appreciate your comment. (But Blogger doesn’t have the ‘Like’ button.)
        (Intelligent) witches are very moral. We only have one rule: ‘Do as ye will, so long as it harms none.’ Think about it! It’s the most stringent ethical principle there is. We have to consider the consequences of every action – and of course, in many cases it’s impossible to know in the long-term, but still we must do the best we can…. We also believe that the energy we send out comes back to us multiplied; so again it gives one pause.

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