My friend trE’s 3rd book!

Also Known As Book #3 Hello, you guys. I have been quite busy over the last year or two or three and I have had some inquiries regarding authorship and if I had any books for purchase. Yes and Yes. I am not good with these sort of things. With my first book, Pinwheels & Hula Hoops: […]

If you enjoy insightful poetry, please check out my friend trE’s new book. She’s one of my favorite poets.

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Day 1 – Scaring Me


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Scaring Me

Ever avoid

your own reflection,

ever annoyed

by introspection

scared and annoyed

by imperfections

far closer than

they appear to be?


Your poor solution

seems uncaring,

unmoored pollution,

thoughts unsparing,

forgone conclusion,

my truth you’re wearing

I’m your illusion

and you’re scaring me.

** *


(Video probably NSFW. Your mileage may vary.)

And we’re off! NaPoWriMo has officially started. I was going to do some type of theme, but I changed my mind and decided to keep it breezy and use whatever prompt I found interesting. Today I used’s (optional) daily prompt and tried my hand at a “Kay-Ryan-esque poem: short, tight lines, rhymes interwoven throughout, etc…” I didn’t follow the prompt completely, but I’m pretty chill with the result.