Day 4 – Bitter Fruit


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Bitter Fruit

Back off, weekend daddy

Crawl back to the lies from where you came

Foolish journey

You can’t love her part-time all the same

Ruled by convenient choices

You run away when realness makes you feel

Beggars can’t be choosers

You can’t have the nectar without the peel


I feel like you should know

That the seeds you sow

In the garden will grow

Even if you don’t show

You can say what you want

Empty words ring hollow

Like the life that you flaunt

Your substance falls below


Beat it, winter loser

Slink back to the fires that kept you warm

Spineless coward

Couldn’t brace to fight against her storm

Tread through that least resistance

Your privilege paved a way I couldn’t follow

No man is an island

You left me alone; alone you’ll know sorrow


Could you recognize me?

Would my eyes be the key?

Like yours they show misery

At what you’ve stolen from we

I know that you must hurt too

Withered possibility

I cannot grow into you

Cause you weren’t there for me.

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I followed NaPoWriMo’s day 4 enigma prompt somewhat. And now, I could use a drink. Sweet dreams, everyone.