Day 25 – Universal Truth


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Universal Truth

Crust moves, Earth-grooves, Jurassic pace

orbiting, spinning, winning annual race

sun streaks along axis, galactic arm

Milky Way hurtles away

from its collective farm


Infinite universe expands

under universal demand

I land on my back, dreamland,

earthbound in my remand

knowing nothing’s ever still.

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My second still poem for dVerse Quadrille #31, hosted by Grace. I normally try not to go to the same well twice in a row during NaPoWriMo, but I’m sapped for ideas. I’m running on fumes and limping to the barn, but racking my brain is helping with my depression a bit, and I think I can make it to the end! Five more, people!

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Obstructive Mystery in Poetry 

Reading this made me examine my work. It probably helped make me a better poet. Marginally better, perhaps, but self-reflection is the mother of improvement, isn’t it?

I recommend that all poets have a look at this post. Maybe it will help you too. Maybe you’re experienced and already know this info… and perhaps you’ll smile now that you know that I know.

Obstructive Mystery in Poetry –