Day 2 – Stray



Patrolling her territory,

my world,

never coming when called,

always checking in

distant and affectionate,

refusing my offerings

until just beyond my reach,

owned by no one,

she is mine and I am hers.


This nebulous non-arrangement

somehow evolves

my capacity to love

and accept love

without labels, trinkets,

tags, or attachment.


Then she’s gone.

** *


I followed imaginary garden with real toads’ Flash 55 PLUS! Prompt, complete with optional “Worlds Apart” vs “Extremely Close” themed challenge. This was a fun one. I feel like it’s been too long since I hopped on the lily pads and played a bit.

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7 thoughts on “Day 2 – Stray

  1. A beautiful and simple expression of the sweet sadness of an unusual love.Complicated beings have complex relationships. agenda…no attachments, no trinkets but tis love all the same. One of my favourites of yours!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sanaa, I’ve been trying to comment on your poems, but my comments never appear for some reason. Just know that I have enjoyed your work… especially the one you just wrote about the seasons.

      I’ll try again tomorrow, but I’m over technology right now…. grrrr… argh…


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